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Is your writing a piece or a pipe?

Museum Piece
The good great guardians of art Patrol the halls on spongy shoes, Impartially protective, though Perhaps suspicious of Toulouse.
Here dozes one against the wall, Disposed upon a funeral chair. A Degas dancer pirouettes Upon the parting of his hair.
See how she spins! The grace is there, But strain as well is plain to see. Degas loved the two together: Beauty joined to energy.
Edgar Degas purchased once A fine El Greco, which he kept Against the wall beside his bed To hang his pants on while he slept.
— Richard Wilbur
Poem for the Day: One includes Wilbur's note: "The concluding anecdote of this 1947 poem is true, and may be found in the art-dealer Vollard's memoir of Degas. What the poem conveys, I hope, is that artists are less gravely reverential about art than its custodians are."

Can writers say the same? I was reminded of William Zinsser's challenge in Writing to Learn: "Writing can only be learned when a writer coldly separates himself from …

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